Don’t think, and don’t worry. If the time comes, you’ll know what to do.

Pain so familiar and close to the heart 
no more no less, I wont forget


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i once saw an rvb headcanon that said that project freelancer started out with all 50 states and then only the last ten (york, carolina, north, south, maine, washington, wyoming, conneticut, florida, and tex) survived, causing a 80% fatality rate. but that just doesn’t make sense. tex is clearly new, even though the program seems to be at least a year old. and they mentioned her name being reserved. was it reserved from the beginning? or only recently? and wash was clearly a newbie. he knew nothing about prior freelancers and was pretty rookie-ish

my original headcanon had been that those guys were just the top ten and had their own ship and were on their own team away from the other 40 states but now i’m thinking “what if that one person was right? what if every other freelancer died?”

so, if that’s true, what happened to them? what happened to all the other forty freelancers? how do you lose forty people within like one or two fucking years?

is our current washington the original one? or is he the second wash to come around? or the third? how many freelancers have died just to be replaced within a few days by a new person wearing their title? wearing their armor?

and does this mean that the ten we see AREN’T the best of the best? are they just the only ones left? was there a better lockpick than york? a better sniper than north? was there anybody that bested carolina in hand-to-hand combat before they died?

and i think the worst part is how many freelancers watched each other die. did maine start out nice and talkative and then as more and more of his friends died horrible, painful deaths in front of him on the battlefield he became cold and silent?

did york and north have another goofy buddy before wash who was really chipper about everything? who had a smile like the sun was shining and then one day they’re bleeding from their mouth as their lungs collapse in on themselves because they got shot five times in the chest and every breath aches?

when they spoke the name ‘washington’ did they think about an old friend who went by that name before too?

did carolina have a friend or even a sister or just someone really close to her that we never knew about who died with a slit throat?

what the fuck happened with the original 50

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well he isn’t wrong


no, this is ouran high school FIGHT club. you broke that vase, now we break your neck.

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whats the meaning of life? son, its those little tiny pumpkins. the ones that are mad small.  you know the ones i mean. 



i want to tell some people i haven’t seen online in a while that i miss them, but i don’t want to keep saying i miss them because i don’t want to look pathetic but i do miss you

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[HQ] SISTAR for Esquire Korea Magazine

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Some people go to the movies to be reminded that everything’s okay. I don’t make those kinds of movies.

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The Last of Us: REMASTERED ⋙Photo Mode [22/??] 

Random Scenery pt 1 - Bill’s Town

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