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There are three ways to achieve immortality. Don’t ask me what they are, I wasn’t really paying attention in that class.

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The Evil Within (edit)

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The Law of the Jungle - The wolf that shall keep it, shall prosper. The wolf that shall break it, must die.

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collections that are raw as fuck on aura tout vu f/w 2014-15

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i find my cosmic insignificance reassuring

the stars don’t fucking care who i am or what i do

i owe the universe nothing

i exist on my own terms

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A thrilling saga


RWBY -  Ruby Rose

A re-imagining of episode one of Rooster Teeth’s popular series RWBY into book format. French Fold, perfect bound, 60 pages.

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destiny live action gear details

Hey everybody! If you’re planning on pre-ordering Destiny, here are some things you should know about the launch on the horizon: 

  • If you are planning on picking up a physical copy for any console, the servers will be opened for play as long as it is September 9th somewhere in the world. Information from Bungie via r/DestinyTheGame says the following:

ninjadragonkllr: What time will the servers be open for the public in North America and worldwide?

When it is September 9th somewhere in the worldand you have access to your very own version of Destiny, it will be time for you to create a character that will keep you company for a good, long time. Retailers will stick to time-zones. Our servers won’t know the difference. Retailers will break street date. Our servers won’t.

  • If you are planning on downloading a digital copy for Xbox 360/Xbox One OR PS3/4, Sony has released the following information on preload in North America, which Xbox has also confirmed to be the case for digital download from the Xbox Live Marketplace:

Hi everybody – Since we’re just days away from the launch of Destiny on PS4 and PS3, I wanted to let you know that the game is now available for pre-load on PlayStation Store in the U.S., Canada and Latin America.

This means if you’ve pre-ordered Destiny digitally via PlayStation Store, you’ll be able to begin downloading the game on PS4 or PS3 starting now. Once you’ve downloaded the game, you’ll be ready for the official Destiny launch this Tuesday, September 9th.

Here are your options for pre-loading Destiny:

  • Take no action; Destiny will begin automatically downloading, provided that “auto-download” has been enabled on your PS4 or PS3. Over the next few days, your system will check for updates and the game will begin downloading by Monday, in time for the release on Tuesday.
  • If you can’t wait until then, you can enable the download manually. In PlayStation Store, navigate to the Destiny game page and click the “download” button. If you haven’t yet preordered, you can preorder and then begin downloading.

The game won’t be available to play until 12:00am Pacific Time / 3:00am Eastern Time on September 9th, but you’ll be ready for the ultimate Destiny experience on PlayStation.

  • If you are planning on picking up your pre-ordered physical copy or console bundle from GameStop on the night of the game’s releasemake sure to get there early! GameStop has been calling pre-order customers and informing them that lines are going to be really long, so if you’re familiar with their ticketing system (used for the GTA V release), make sure you make a decision about whether to get to the store early -most people are saying GS told them to be there at 6 PM local time to get a ticket for the queue - or to come at 12:20 or so, when most of the line has been filtered through already.

TL;DR: If you purchase a physical copy of Destiny, you will be able to play it the moment you pop it into your console. If you preload a digital copy, you won’t be able to play it until 12:00 PST (UTC-7:00).

A few other last-minute fun facts before launch:

  • It’s not too late to snag a copy to pick up or download!
  • Quick GameStop primer, in case you’ve missed the news/have no idea what Bungie or Destiny are, can be found here.
  • PC users will be able to pick up Destiny beginning in March of 2015.
  • Cross-console play is not currently supported by Destiny, so you won’t be able to raid with your friends on Xbox One if you’ve picked up a copy for PS4.
  • Peter Dinklage, perhaps better known as the famed Tyrion Lannister of HBO’s Game of Thrones, is the voice of the Ghost, Destiny’s in-game companion, and collaborators on the game’s soundtrack include Marty O’Donnell of Halo OST fame as well as Paul McCartney (yeah, you read that right).
  • For updates on the game, keep up with destinyblog on Tumblr or @bungie and @BungieHelp on Twitter.
  • For console and server updates, follow @XboxSupport and @AskPlaystation. Both have 24/7 staffing to answer questions and report known issues.

Hope you’re ready to become legend. 

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caboose loves you

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"Painkiller Jane," Woman-Directed Bisexual Woman Superhero Movie, Announced While Marvel and DC Twiddle Thumbs


"Today I cry, I wish you happiness forever, good bye

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